Friday, April 30, 2010

He Lives

A late Easter blessing from Mrs. Who. Yes, it's past Easter, but is there ever a time that this message is not appropriate?

Uhmm...the answer to that is...No.

Oil Spill on Louisiana Coast

The deep water oil rig that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico last week is causing some problems. The spill is a big one, and threatens some sensitive coast. There are a lot of endangered and threatened wildlife species that hang out in that area.

The shrimpers and other fishermen on the Texas coast are threatened too, as the water in the Gulf moves from East to West...which brings the oil straight to us. It's going to be a sticky summer on the beach. They're doing what they can to ameliorate the situation, but there's only so much they can do.

What a disaster, on so many levels... loss of human life, ecological damage, economic damage...all are likely to hurt us for a long time.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Boob Quake

It seems there is a nutty Muslim cleric who is blaming all the earthquakes in the world on women dressing provocatively.

Not that I haven't made the world move for a FEW men out there....once upon a time. (a VERY few, dang it!)

So, to do my part to shake things up a little, I'm joining the BOOBQUAKE (facebook link)

Well, it ain't much, but I'll be turning 50 in a couple of months, and that's about as revealing as things are going to get from now on. (Yes, from now on. I DO have a past-- not that most of you will get to hear about it, you lucky dogs)

I am blaming this post on the fact that I'm currently running a temp of about 99 F. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

And, a hat tip to my dear friend and fellow boob owner, Leslie

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, April 15, 2010... a little late

This post could, with apologies to Barbara at Squirrelhaven , be subtitled: In the Pink.

As you can see, Belinda's Dream, my favorite rose, is going bloom crazy.

My little lavender, unknown name rose is very happy, now that I've taken the Mexican Heather out from around it. Well.. to be honest, the three bad freezes we had this winter did that, I just dug out the roots, and put down the mulch.

The Peace rose is blooming.

Ain't it purty?

The Cherry Parfait rose bush is almost as heavily in bloom as Belinda, but not nearly as large.

I am very happy that I didn't lose the Honey Dijon rose bush. It's blooming modestly.

I love the color.

I've blanket flower at the end of the longest rose bed in the front yard. It came through the freezes very well.. tho its companion plant, bought and planted at the same time, almost didn't make it. Imagine a whole field of these flowers...their time is coming as the end of the bluebonnets arrives.

a shot of the side bed....

My lemon grass was knocked down to the ground, with only small pieces of it surviving to begin putting out shoots. It's going to be a while before it comes back as strong as it was in the fall of 2009...and maybe until mid to late summer before I'll be able to harvest any.

A brief overview of the front yard.. which I'm concentrating on in this post. The back yard is not as....rehabilitated as the front, because it suffered the disproportionate share of the freeze damage.

All of my citrus are in bloom. I need to fertilize more.

Also in the front yard, to the left side (as you look at the house) is my herb bed. I've got blooms there, too.

A Moonlight (I believe) yarrow is blooming for the first time. I got this towards the end of the summer as a 25 cent or less almost dead plant, and it did pretty well throughout the winter. I've three of them in the newest part of the herb bed, that I made in July or an extension of the existing bed.

Another acquisition, at the same time and in about the same condition were 3 or four of these echinacea, and I can not for the life of me remember what they were labeled.. not that it makes much difference, because a rescue plant is often mislabeled.

And here is one reason I'm going to claim the echinacea were mislabeled.. because.. see....

The blanket flowers in the picture above are also in that same little bed. I don't THINK I meant to plant that unfortunate clash of colors.. the fuchsia/purple/pink of the echinacea and the reds/yellows of the blanket flowers do NOT live happily together, alas. Oh well. They're happy where they're growing, and there they'll stay for the summer.

A sage is blooming...and...that's the end of the story of the front garden!

This post was part of a series hosted by Carole at May Dreams Garden. Every month she hosts gardeners from all over the US and the world, who write about what's blooming in their gardens. Go take a look!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wildflower Safari

With 'Pup just coming out of the hospital on Thursday night, you can imagine my surprise when he told me to grab the camera, we were going driving. Could be the good care at the Northwest Cypress Hospital (pretty good food for a hospital, too), got him rev ed up and rarin' to go.. or maybe he was just working off some cabin fever, after having been hospital room bound from Monday night to Thursday night.

Lupinus texensis , or Texas Bluebonnet.
One of Texas' six varieties of bluebonnet.. all of whom are the state wildflower.

Wild indigo, and a paintbrush. I'd not seen the wild indigo up close and at this stage. Later, it dries up and looks dead and blows around, spreading its seed. THAT stage, I've seen.

This field was a study in contrasts.. and a sea of yellow.

I think this is 'Pup's favorite of the wildflowers... and it's not native. Winter Vetch (Vicia villosa) it was introduced to improve pasture soils and is used as a high protein cover crop. It has escaped cultivation, and like many Europeans, is quite happy here. It's a mixed blessing, as it tends to choke out native species.. but it is pretty.

More later!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Damn April

This month has been bad for us in the past. Now, it's sticking to it's usual pattern, and has started out by us finding Lady Spitfire in the back yard. Dead.

How? We don't know. She wasn't bitten or worried. The dogs were putting up a fuss last night, and Chucky was crying pitifully, and as it was around 2 am, I didn't go out to see what was wrong. I wish I had.

If there is a pet heaven, I hope she and Brain Dog are together again. She'd finally stopped pining for him and had become friendly, even tolerating me picking her up for a brief cuddle. She'd even trained me to do a new trick, providing her with a drink of bottled water on demand.

I'm gonna miss her.

Damn April.