Monday, June 14, 2010

Rain Storm

I have a blog friend, named Ellison (hi, Ellison!) who says it rains in Houston like a cow pissing on a flat rock. He has a point:
I wanted to post this on June 6, but somehow, Blogger was having troubles that day, and then... I forgot.

We're mostly cloudy today, with lots of big, white, fluffy clouds that promise only short, intense bursts of very scattered rain showers. This one, on June 6th, was somewhat isolated, in that only a small area ( where we were!), was affected. However, in about 45 minutes, we got about 2 inches of rain.

We were stuck in an Ace Hardware store, and at one point, tho we'd parked within about 12 feet of the front door, we could not see our red van.

Yep, our friend, Ellison is right.

Cow, meet Rock.


Here at work, we've been working summer hours. For us, that means longer hours, as the students are out of public school and want courses during the day. The good news is that I'm working longer hours, so that's a little extra money.

The bad news is that our enrollment seems a little down from last year. Yah, actually.. this is bad news. A lot of our students are traveling this summer. With the US dollar down, their money is going farther and they're going farther and longer... A lot are also visiting Korea this month. Ah, well, there's always next month.

Good news is that we're still getting one or two new students every day. (We'd like to get 5 or 6, but we'll take what comes..) Another piece of good news is that we've got some super new tutors. They know their stuff and are working out well with the students. We've got a super new math tutor and two new Reading/Writing tutors who have taught SAT courses.

We'd like to expand our SAT courses, and want to do it with some quality teaching. SAT course preparation is big in the community we serve and if the older child in the family is enrolled, we can get the younger child in, as well.

I never took the SAT...I took the ACT. I'm not sure, given the amount of stress involved with this test, and how VERY important it has become in determining which schools a child can get into, that I didn't get really lucky. There seems to be some advantages to being born in the middle of the 20th century....

There are a lot of good online sat prep courses, that use real teachers and lots of practice. I'd sign up for them, if I didn't know a good real life tutoring center. I suspect, given the emphasis on performing well, I'd probably sign up for both the online courses and real life courses. Any way that you can address as many modalities as possible for learning has got to be to your benefit.

Have I mentioned, however, that I'm glad I don't have to take the SAT? And I LIKED taking standardized tests!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A Present from My Youngest Friend

I have a very special web friend. She's 6 years old and I've known her since she was just born. A couple of years ago, we began to chat online. She has red hair, like me!

I love her very much.

Monday, June 07, 2010

A Brief Reflection on 50 years

Yep, I'm 50, today.

Dang. Somehow, I'd always thought of OTHER people being 50, never me. Though, now that I'm here, it doesn't feel all that different from ....49.....

I'd like to see another 50 or so, just for curiosity's sake, if for no other reason. Probably won't make it there, but it's a goal. I'd like to ride a horse again, I'd like to go camping again, I'd like to...

Well, so many things, I'd like to do again.

I'll manage some of them.

What will you do?

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Fighting the Good Fight

Yep, it's a good fight, and one we're usually on top of. Not this year. A combination of busy and sick meant that the morning glory vines got ahead of us in the side yard. I will also confess to a little neglect. I was working on the front yard and ignoring the back, partly because of priorities, and partly because...well...after we found Spitty Kitty in the backyard, I just didn't want to go there for a time.

I think there's an empty pot under that bump in the vines... they're running over what is usually a clear little decomposed granite floored sitting area. It's carpeted with the morning glory vines.

These have just about engulfed a hose caddy. At least they're having the grace to bloom, too. Also under there are hibiscus...that aren't coming back this year. I've been holding out hopes.. but I think they are gone, killed by the unseasonably cold winter this year.

The good news? Monster is coming back and may be the only plant with enough vigor to overtake the morning glory vines. He's still a shadow of his former self, but is getting there.

'Pup and I are fighting them back. I'll have an after picture if we win.....