Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, September 15

Okay, it's been a few months since I've posted in the
Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, sponsored by Carol at May Dreams Gardens (head over there and take a tour of the gardens all around the country and the world!). I've been a bad blogger, and I may post about why that has been so, in another post... for now:

The Belinda's Dream rose has been doing its usual dangdest to be the star of the garden, even after 'Pup, my Dear Husband, decided that she'd encroached upon the front walk a little too far and so, whacked her back. WAAAYY back. Sigh.

That drastic pruning has resulted in a lot of new growth, however, and she is not down and out, but merely poised for a wonderful winter of blooms, as long as we don't get the nasty weather we got last year, that is.

Speaking about nasty weather, this summer has been long and hot, but not without its own measure of hope. Some of the bushes and perennials that I'd thought I'd lost have slowly, oh, sooo slowly recovered. This is the Crepe Jasmine I got for my birthday last year. When it got frozen and looked like it had died, only the fact that it didn't come up when I tugged on it kept it from being dug up and discarded. It spent all spring and most of the first half of the summer looking like a collection of dead twigs... then... it started to emerge. I must admit to doing a Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Dance when I saw the first green buds coming out of the very crown, just above the soil June. Yah, it took MONTHS to come out of its shocked dormancy. Now, it's blooming.

My Angel Wing jasmine didn't make it, alas, but this jasmine did. I figured I'd lost it, too. Almost lost the lemon grass it shares a bed with, but it's come back, as has the lemon grass.

The hummingbird bush has recovered, nicely. It's about 5 feet tall and covered with blooms and is visited by a lot of butterflies, bees, wasps and hummingbirds. I did try to lay in wait for a hummer with a camera in my hand, but was unsuccessful. Must try to do that again. The Esperanza, or Golden Bells have not made as vibrant a come back. It was set back by, not only the freezes, but by being WHACKED with a weed whacker not once, but twice... took the emerging foliage down to bare wood. The guy that did it no longer works for the yard guy we use.

The bougainvillea took a long time to recover, too. It's finally up, over 6 feet tall and beginning to bloom. Frankly, I like this bush, not because of it's flowers, but because of the leaves. In fact, the variegated leaves are the only reason this bougainvillea is still allowed to grow, because it has some wicked, nasty and SHARP thorns on it.

And finally, a token annual...just because I like the cheerful color... portulaca. Weedy, but it has nice blooms, and I didn't actually have to plant it...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September Sky

September Sky

It was a beautiful day to fly
through azure skies as deep as a tropical sea.
It must have drawn the eye
up to see and admire
the sight of sharp edged tower
against that infinite sky.

The air was so clear and filled with light
that you had to envy those
able to travel in buoyant flight,
‘til the comfort of the familiar wing
became unease, an incomprehensible thing
unfolding within our unwilling sight.

And when it hit and when it burned
a nation cried
a city yearned
for the safety of innocence lost
as every bad dream was tossed
within a lesson in terror too well learned.

Nancy France September 11, 2007