Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hey, weeds in the garden beds might be a good thing, maybe even a cure for some kinds of cancer.

I'm in favor of anything that makes it okay to grow weeds (I do it so well), and cures cancer.

H/T to Dirt du Jour via the Daily Mail in England

Now, where do I get me some of them weeds....


  1. Hope the claim turns out to have foundation.


  2. Nada existe por acaso, Deus faz tudo com perfeição até as ervas daninhas, não é verdade!?
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  3. Plant a bird & butterfly garden! it's a socially acceptable weed garden. Also, if you want, you can certify it as a wildlife habitat at WWF

  4. I've never understood the idea of weeds. Besides invasive plants, how do people determine what's a weed? Are they simply plants of lesser aesthetic value? I, myself, think many weeds are beautiful. And that they can cure cancer further proves my hypothesis that weeds aren't all that bad. :)


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