Monday, January 03, 2011

Stuff and Such

I'm liking this new computer. Thought I'd tell you about where I got it. I think the price I paid for it has gone up, as I got it on a good sale, (thank you!) right before Christmas. To recap, I needed a new, more muscle-y machine because I have an adult student who has been transferred back to his home country. He wants to maintain our lessons, via Skype. We tried using my little net book and, alas, it just couldn't handle the video and audio requirements for Skype.

So, he asked me to get a new machine. He even helped me pay for one.

So, I've got a pretty good machine. It's got a 17.3 inch screen and 4 G/500G....plenty of power and room to grow in. I'm looking forward to fooling around with some videos now, and if I can, I'll try to get some good photograph editing software and see what I can learn.

This will have to wait a while, as I also want (see prior post) to get back into my garden. This is concurrent with wanting to rebuild my health and some of my mobility. I've been fighting pain for a while and I think the stenosis in my spine may be increasing again. Something is making it harder and harder to move.

But, I'll find a way.

Meanwhile, I need to find a pretty case for my pretty lady. I think I've decided, this laptop is a lady. I'm not sure what to call her, other than Titanic, but I don't really want to jinx this. I need a nice lucky name for a big lady....Ah HAh! Bertha. Her name is, Bertha.

Y'all say hello.

So, I need a bag for Bertha. I'd prefer red, or maybe purple, but I'll settle for black, as long as there's something sparkly on it. It needs a long enough strap to be able to be slung over a shoulder, and hung on the handlebars of my wheelchair.

Something like this:

would be great, though not quite as blingified as could be, and it's not quite big enough. The price is right, though!

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  1. I use a little software program called Graphics Converter to mess with my pix (and other people's). Besides being able to download right off your camera, it has oodles of editing tools I've never learned to use. Originally, many years ago, it was shareware for less than $10 and it just converted graphics files. But now it does much more, and costs a bit more. It's not Photoshop Deluxe, but it works for me, LOL. You can download a trial version for free!


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