Monday, January 10, 2011

Wrapped Up

Okay, 'Pup got out of the hospital on Thursday, and went to work on Friday. He's not at 100%, but the company he works for was "acquired" recently and he's....cautious. Not that anyone in the new parent company does the same work he does, but.....

So, last week, 'Pup went into the hospital for an infection in his leg. Fairly straightforward, for 'Pup, this isn't his first rodeo ride with this problem. We knew it would be one or two days of IV antibiotics and then home we'd go. And, if not for a little ancillary problem, that would have been the way it played out.

Seems that 'Pup sprung a leak.

And that leak just would not stop...for more than 24 hours.

When his first IV site failed, as it always does ('Pup has crappy veins), he started to bleed as it was removed. And he bled and bled and bled, and you'd be surprised at just how much blood can escape from a needle sized hole in your arm. They tried a lot of things to stop the blood, and would seem to succeed, but every bandage and pressure bag they put on it seemed to do nothing. It is not a good thing when your nurse looks overly concerned. Let me tell you, he had concerned nurses.

Y'all, his INR was a God-awful 8, rather than the 2.5 or lower the doc usually shoots for. His blood was thin, thin, thin. Seems, perhaps, he'd been slightly over prescribed his blood thinner. Ya think? You'll be happy to know, that his new doc and the doc at the hospital have decided that he should discontinue the blood thinners.

They gave him 2 bags of fresh frozen plasma to help the clotting along and a shot of potassium to counteract the warfarin. It worked.

His hemoglobin is pretty low, as a normal thing for him. Normal is around 14, he'd come into the hospital around 8, and after his leak was down to 6. So, he got two units of red blood cells. Pinked that white boy right up, let me tell you! He'll never get up to 14, his body just doesn't make red blood cells well enough, but he's now normal for him.

So, that was the excitement for my last week. I'm hoping for a really quiet and boring week to come.


  1. Óh my, what a fright! That's not good at all, am glad your Pup is doing better. Are you tweaking your site?? Looks different!

  2. Yep, he's doing better.. but I've been sick. Flu, I think. I'm working on the site, I need to add my site meter and blog links back in.. this is more painful than I thought it would be.

  3. best of luck to pup with his leg. I hope he is perfect now


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