Friday, December 09, 2011

Running With the Wind

When I was very young,
I loved to run into the wind
And spread my arms to embrace it
Wanting to be caught up in its arms and thrown up
Into the air and be carried as in a parent’s arms
I wanted to catch hold of a cloud and swing there
Oh, how I loved t run.

As a girl, a little older,
I loved to run into the wind,
And spread my arms to enfold the wind
Wanting to catch it with outstretched arms
Arms held in just the right way to be supported by the wind
I wanted to dive into the sky and swim there
Oh, how I loved to run.

And as a young woman,
I would run rarely, aware of appearances,
Still, I spread my arms to capture the wind
In arms held in hopes of finding just the right angle
To hold a mountain of air in my arms,
I wanted to climb it, and be upheld there, in the sky.
Oh, how I loved to run

And now, an older woman,
I cannot run on legs unsteady walking
But I stand on stormy days with outstretched arms
Trying with aching arms to entreat the wind to fill them
To hold it in arms as a lover embraces a beloved.
I want it to carry me along, to travel to where it goes so fiercely.
Oh, how I would love to run with the wind once more