Thursday, July 04, 2013

Back Home Again

Okay, I'm back, again.

I've been a little busy, with work and stuff.  Part of the stuff is a neighbor that needed a little help.  She has leukemia, and while her son has moved back to stay with her, he has to travel for work.  So, I stop by when he's gone, making sure she has dinner and transportation to where she needs to go.


This may be coming to an end.  She's in the hospital now, critical and "day to day".  Things can happen quickly when your immune system doesn't exist anymore.

I am going to miss her, if she doesn't make it.


  1. My mom has leukemia and the best medicine is POSITIVITY...I will keep your neighbor in my prayers

  2. Unfortunately even positivity has its limits. Cancer is a fight we often lose. We lost Rita to a good battle, fought by determined warriors. We still lost

  3. My English is very bad, VERY BAD!
    But, I understand your neighbor is with leukemia, and it touched me very, very much. A very dear friend is going through the same thing and I'm very sad, sad for them that are sick and sad for anyone who is around.



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