Monday, November 18, 2013



Yeah, had better years.  Still, not all is bad, just difficult.

'Pup is.... more himself, usually, but still has some short term memory problems.  He doesn't react well to stress of any kind, and has balance problems.  He has difficulties writing sometimes, especially numbers.  Passwords are almost impossible, without a written prompt and even then, he sometimes types them in wrong.  He still tries.  He is himself.... but with difficulties.

I am going to have to look for an additional job, as long term disability, if he qualifies for it, will be a significant income decrease.  The good news is that the cars are within a few months of being paid off, and that will free up some room in the budget.  If we can stay out of the hospital, we might be able to catch up.  On the positive, I've discovered a talent for making cheap, but tasty meals.  Fortunately, 'Pup is not an overly picky eater....except that the food must not have too much flavor.  I season my food separately...sigh.

Still.... he likes my chili... go figger.

I have lost a considerable amount of weight in the last 2 years, mostly because I'm not taking as many meds that have listed, as a possible side effect: "may cause weight gain".  Again, go figger.

Oh, and I am now a blond,  which is what happens when a red head goes grey....errr.. white haired?

I have the world's cutest students, by the way.


  1. I stopped by . . . by chance - and enjoyed your post. You sound like you're doing pretty good! I wish you well. Take care.

  2. I'm a blond brunette for the same reason :) ugh :)

    I actually landed here by pushing the NEXT BLOG button up top & I totally smiled reading that you said, I am a teacher, a good one. I used to think the same thing about myself & I LOVE that you know your good...hey girl when you got it you got it :) Sorry your going through REALLy tough things right now & that your world ha totally been turned upside down...I'm gonna stop & pray for ya right now!

  3. the kids are so precious


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