Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I've had better years.  Really.

Hubs has been in the ICU 3 times this year, starting in January.  The insurance company is deciding that they won't pay for part of that first ICU visit, as it seems the hospital kept us there for a few extra days (there were no free rooms for him to transfer to)... the bill is over 39,000 dollars.  and no, there are no extra 0s in that number.

He went back in in February and in April to a non ICU visit... and in July, back into ICU.  The others were septicemia... this last was because of a seizure.  He didn't know me for 3 days.  He's not going back to work for a few months, if ever.

My friend, Rita... passed away in early July.  I miss her more that I would have thought.  Her sons are soldiering on, but it is hard for them, too.


My husband is still here, and he is "Him".    For a while, I wasn't sure what would happen.  Short term disability is on line, tho we've yet to get a check.  But, his dad came through with some money that is helping to tide us over.

I need to find another revenue stream, and I've got some leads.

I hope everyone else is doing fine.......