Saturday, September 06, 2014

Still Around

Lots of changes in my life, as per usual.  'Pup had a major seizure last year, at the end of July.  He's  been out on disability since then.  It left him with some short term memory problems.  Some days, you can't tell... most days... you can.

It's the little things.  He forgets if he's taken his medicine, or if we've done something we'd discussed doing.  He gets angry sometimes when I remind him.  Sometimes, I get angry.  I suppose both of those reactions are normal.  I find I have more patience when I've had enough sleep.

This summer, I had not enough sleep, rest or proper food.  My work schedule was busy, in a good way, but busy nonetheless.  I enjoy making the extra money, but I was looking forward to a little more rest once August was over.

Then, on August 17, 'Pup was sick.  He wasn't talking, and that's the cue for me to take him to the emergency room.  He couldn't stand because he was in so much pain with his knees and hips, his muscles more than his joints, oddly.  I had to put him in a rolling walker and push him out to the van.  I then had to ask our good neighbors to the west to help him into the van.

By the time we got to the hospital, I was exhausted.  I pulled up to the ER door, got out of the driver's seat and found I couldn't breathe, and was dizzy.  So, it was a Two-Fer: me in one room and 'Pup in another, with me telling the ER staff, between gasps, my and 'Pup's medical history.  Not that they needed me to tell them about 'Pup... they pretty much know him by first name....

'Pup stayed in until the end of August, and is now in a skilled nursing facility getting rehab, IV antibiotics and generally being a garrulous grump (in other words, almost back to normal).  He still has the memory problems and occasionally forgets if he's eaten a meal... the food is not gourmet quality, but is adequate.  The good part of the facility is the staff.  They are caring and competent.  The facility is spotless, and they even allow me to bring our dog, Missy ,to visit.  It is very close to home, and it is easy for me to be there often.

I will get rested someday.  I'm sure of it.... till then, I snuggle the dog, who is missing 'Pup something FIERCE... and spend my days running from one place to another.

Oh, and my back yard now is minus my huge tree, and is a sunlit, desolate place.  Well, couldn't be helped,  It was either take down the old Ash, or risk it falling on the house....

More about that, later.

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  1. Sorry to hear about Pup. I hope he is doing well now. Please keep us posted on your blog.


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