Trust Your Orlando Plumber To Install Your Greenhouse Irrigation System

If you are an Orlando based flowering company, it is important to provide the ideal conditions for the flowers to grow. A greenhouse is the best way to ensure that you provide the right conditions for the growth of the flowers.

A greenhouse gives you a longer season for growing and allows you to cultivate out-of-zone flowers, protects the newly propagated plants, and creates ideal growing conditions for a variety of plant life. Greenhouse watering systems are critical to creating the ideal growing conditions.

Greenhouse Irrigation and Plumbing

Watering is critical to the healthy growth of your flowers. If flowers are grown in a greenhouse, there is obviously restricted access to natural sources of water such as ground water or rain, which leaves the flowers completely dependent on you for hydration.

Flowers can suffer or sometimes even die because of overwatering, which is why you need to provide the correct amount of water. However, this will obviously change depending on the types of flowers being grown, so close attention is needed irrespective of the system being used.


To ensure that you provide the right amount of water to the flowers in your greenhouse, it is important to have the right irrigation system in place. Irrigation systems are all about plumbing, which is why you need the services of a plumber Orlando.

What Watering Systems Are Available?

A wide variety of irrigation systems can be installed in your greenhouse by an Orlando plumber and they include:

  • Overhead Spray/Sprinklers
  • Spray and Misting
  • ┬áMat Irrigation
  • ┬áDrip Irrigation
  • Perimeter Irrigation

Each of the five irrigation systems has its own benefits and drawbacks that can actually influence the option you end up choosing.

Here are some of the watering systems that you can use:

1. Overhead Spray/Sprinkler Systems

A sprinkler system is best used in a larger greenhouse and is great for flowers capable of tolerating wet foliage. The system raises the moisture levels of the unplanted areas, which makes them great for keeping the unused sections of the greenhouse ready for planting.

2. Spray and Misting System

The spray and misting system is one of the best systems for greenhouses with many flowers that require watering regularly. A misting system sprays a very fine amount of water onto the soil and this moistens and hydrates it gradually without causing any disturbance. The spray and misting system is usually often automatic, which makes the process of watering all your flowers seem effortless.

3. Drip Irrigation System

A drip irrigation system is designed to release water at predetermined intervals throughout the day and can be either buries within the soil or mounted on the surface. The slow dripping nature of this system means that there is less wastage water from the run off of heavy water and that your flowers never dry out.

A drip system usually requires water pressure, which is why it is usually in combination with water coming from a raised water reservoir and it can be completely automated. The drip irrigation system is useful for greenhouses of any size since they are easily scalable either down or up.

4. Mat Irrigation System

Capillary mats also known as self-watering trays are some of the quickest, most effective, and low maintenance methods of ensuring that your flowers are properly hydrated. The mats work by absorbing water, usually from a reservoir that makes the mats wet. You then place the flowers on the mats and they will have access to the water whenever they need it. This irrigation system forces flowers to have deeper roots because the source of water is from below them.

Capillary mats also help create a humid environment that saves water and promotes some flower growth. All the flowers under the mat remain hydrated as long as your reservoir has water. Topping up your reservoir is typically done on weekly basis, which makes this one of the lowest maintenance irrigation options available and makes it great for amateur growers.

5. Perimeter Irrigation

Perimeter irrigation uses a combination of overhead misting and drip tubing concepts to isolate one flower bench into its individual watering area. The piping attaches to the edges of the bench while the nozzles connect at varying intervals across the surface of the pipe. Once the piping has been connected to a main water supply, the nozzles spray water into the middle of the bench saturating all the flowers. Depending on the manufacturer of the nozzles, they can be adjusted so that you direct across the flower tops in a 45- or 90-degree angle.

What Watering System Should Be Used in Your Greenhouse?

It is important to have a reliable irrigation system in place whether you have a large or small greenhouse that can help you grow all your desired flowers. Obviously, it is not just enough that you choose and pick any irrigation system.

You should determine fully what your greenhouse needs so that you can know which irrigation system is most suitable for you. You should be very realistic about the size of the greenhouse and the kinds of flowers you can grow. Finally, you should ensure that you can actually afford the irrigation system that you believe will perfectly meet your needs.

Once you have identified the irrigation system that would be most suitable for your greenhouse, you need to get in touch with an Orlando plumber for designing and installation. A plumber is very important since all the systems discussed here require some piping/plumbing, which is a job for professionals and not a DIY project.

The Bottom Line

Greenhouse irrigation systems provide the perfect conditions for growing your plants. It is therefore important to choose the right one that suits your needs. You should be realistic about the size of the greenhouse, the flowers that you can grow, and the amount of money you can afford to invest into the irrigation system. Finally, liaise with an Orlando plumber for design and installation and you are guaranteed to be successful.